- M i s i ó n    B o l i v i a -


 "Family is a tool for modeling God's character."

Seth was born in Greenville, MS and later moved with his mother to Hattiesburg, MS where he graduated high school, and subsequently college from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BA in Spanish. He then became a public school teacher, teaching Spanish to grades 9-12 for 3 years, then at the middle school level, teaching Spanish, Language Arts, and US History to grades 6-8. Missions has always been a dream of his, and around August of 2011, God revealed to him that it was time to begin pursuing this calling. He and wife, Ashley, with their three kids moved to Bolivia in April, 2014. 

Ashley was raised in Mobile, AL; however, she attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi and received a BS in Elementary Education. She began teaching 3rd grade at a local public school (which is where she met Seth - he was a guest speaker in her class). Over the years, she taught various grades and eventually found her niche as the Librarian at a local elementary school after having completed her Master in Library and Information Sciences. She and Seth had discussed missions all throughout their marriage, so she was not surprised when he brought up the idea in conversation with her. Through prayer, God revealed confirmation in her heart and began to develop a desire for sharing his love with the world.

Cruz, Carmen, and Lola (and Edson) are wonderful blessings to the Powells and continue to grow in their understanding of God and his will for his children. Cruz is very sensitive to the needs of others. He loves to serve and delights in praying for people and worshiping God. Carmen is the most outgoing introvert you'll ever meet. Her name means 'song' which is completely appropriate since she sings about 23 hours a day. Lola is a headstrong leader. She may be the baby, but she loves to try and call the shots. Hopefully, this resolve will make her a strong follower of Christ who leads by example. Edson is a teen the Powells met in 2014, who, over time quickly bonded with the family. After his father passed away in 2015, He and Seth developed a special father-son bond, and Edson now calls Seth "Dad" and is a great big brother to Cruz, Carmen, and Lola. 

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